BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — A 75-year old Callaway woman is in the Intensive Care Unit recovering from a vicious dog attack that happened Saturday.

Six full-grown dogs attacked her, repeatedly biting her and dragging her into the weeds on her property.

“When we pulled up, I was looking for her and calling her name,” said the victim’s sister Mary Traczenski. “And she raised her left arm, that’s when I found her.”

Doctors have performed several surgeries on 75-year-old Nova Kidd since Saturday afternoon. She suffered serious bite wounds.

“All up underneath her right arm, her leg, there’s a place at her ankle somewhere at her leg, it was bitten almost to the bone,” she said.

When Traczenski received the call, she could tell it was urgent.

“And so I called 911,” said Traczenski.

Kidd was walking up the boardwalk to her garage when the six dogs came out of nowhere.

“The sheriff’s department was here, and while they were here, the dogs came back,” said Tracsenski.

“And the deputy saw dogs approaching, so he drew his firearm and went out towards them,” said Bay County Sheriffs Office Public Information Officer Ruth Corley. “And verbally tried to scare them off. And one of them charged him immediately and he had to fire at it which scared all of the rest of them away.”

None of the dogs were injured by the gunfire and Bay County Animal Control captured the dogs shortly after.

“They had not been deemed dangerous by any previous behavior, those particular six dogs,” said Corley. “So we don’t have any charges to be placed right now on the owner.”

Although Kidd survived, her family is concerned it could have been much worse.

“Don’t let them loose. This could’ve been a small child, and it would’ve killed them,” said her concerned sister.

Kidd will remain in the hospital for the next few days.

BCSO deputies are still investigating the case. As far as the dogs, the owner has surrendered them to animal control. They are on the schedule to be euthanized.