PORT ST. JOE, Fla. (WMBB) – On Friday, August 19th, Erica and Zachary Rever went on a shark fishing trip with family and friends in Port Saint Joe where they caught a 6.5′ male bull shark.

For approximately 30 minutes, it took everyone’s effort to reel in this beast .

Erica and her family are from Weston, MO where they do a lot of river fishing on the Missouri River. Erica said they mainly catch catfish so reeling in a massive shark was “much more of a challenge.”

Rever told News 13 that at one point the tug back from the shark almost pulled her on her belly. All the kids got up to help bring the shark in while two adults held the rig. 

“About 7 o’clock one of the reels started screaming and something was on it,” Erica Rever explained. “It was one of the really big ones so you know it was definitely something exciting.” 

Rever and her husband have prior experience shark fishing in Charleston, South Carolina.

Next year they plan to go to the Pacific to see what kind of sharks they can catch there.