4-Year-Old Garrett Moore is a Hero in the Eyes of Panama City Firefighters

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, professions, they're men and they're women, and they're sometimes just 4-years-old.

One of Panama City's youngest and bravest was awarded with a special Helmet- and temporary job.

"He wants to be a superhero, he wants to be a police man, he wants to be a firefighter," Doug Moore, Garrett's dad, said. 

"I just wanna put out fires," Garrett said. 

No one can tell Garrett Moore was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, "which means the left side of his heart is so undersized that it's not usable," Doug Moore said. 

He's got a full heart's worth of love to give.

"It limited what he could do physically. His lips would always turn purple because the lack of blood flow," his dad said. 

4-year-old Garrett had his first open heart surgery at five days old and he's already had two more since then.

"Our blood goes from our heart to our lungs to our heart to our body. His just goes in a circle so that's what this last one [surgery] did."

Fire Chief Alex Baird said what Garrett's fought through makes him a hero. "He's gotta show a lot of courage."

"Everybody looks to us as heroes, oh the firefighters, they have so much courage, they're so brave. We look for heroes too and what we found in Garrett was he's our hero," Baird said. 

Lids for Kids was founded at the Panama City fire station. They give courageous young ones personalized firefighter helmets, a t-shirt and a special certificate. 

"We cleaned the helmet up, everyone in the department signed the name, we put his name on the shield of the helmet, and we presented it to him as firefighter of the day," Baird said.

On Tuesday, Garrett traded his costume pic of costume for the real deal. 

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