15-year-old Charged with BB Gun Threat at Bay High School

Bay County School Resource Deputies recently had to intervene in two, possibly three different fights at high school basketball games.
“Those things can happen. That’s why we have school resource deputies there,” said Ruth Corley, BCSO Public Affairs Specialist.
One was before the new year at Bozeman High School, which landed three adults in jail.
Another was this past weekend at Bay High and led deputies to an investigation and an arrest of a 15 year old.
Deputies were told of an altercation outside the gym Friday night so they went outside to break it up and sent most everyone involved home.
“And then someone came up to them a little bit later inside and said they thought they had heard there was a gun flashed, there was a gun involved in that altercation,” said Corley.
Curtis Jackson Jr. allegedly pointed a gun in a threatening manner during the altercation. A social media post where the teen was holding the gun led deputies to him.
“We obtained a search warrant for his father’s vehicle and found a BB gun that looked very real and matched the description of the one given,” said Corley.
While this incident was outside the gym, our News 13’s sports reporter at the game caught a dispute happening inside. The sheriff’s office wasn’t able to confirm whether it was related to what was happening outside or not.
Even after two different incidents, the sheriff’s office says there’s no reason to worry because there will always be deputies at the games to ensure fans and players are safe.
“I think kids should enjoy that part of high school and their parents should enjoy being the parent of a sports figure at a high school,” said Corley.
Curtis Jackson Jr. is facing a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


A 15-year-old is now charged with a felony after allegedly pointing a bb gun that looked like a real gun at others during an altercation at Bay High School.

The incident took place outside the gym during a basketball game on Friday.
Deputies broke up several groups that were arguing and fighting outside of the gym. After those groups were dispersed deputies were told that someone pointed a gun in a threatening manner during the incident.

“The next morning, additional information was developed by deputies in BCSO Community Services that the one holding a gun during the altercation outside the gym the night before was … Curtis James Jackson, Jr.,” officials wrote. “A social media post made by Jackson was found that had a picture of him holding a firearm.”

Jackson was located and arrested Saturday.

“A search warrant was obtained for the suspect’s father’s car and a BB gun that resembled an authentic firearm and matched the one in the social media post was found,” officials wrote. 

Jackson was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a felony.

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