PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay District Superintendent Bill Husfelt held a news conference after the release of documents involving a search warrant at a local construction company.

Bay District School Superintendent Bill Husfelt responded to new information involving the federal government’s corruption investigation. The information comes from the affidavit FBI agents used to secure a search warrant at the corporate offices of GAC Contractors. FBI Agent Larry Borgini wrote the affidavit on August 3rd, 2021.

The judge issued the warrant, which the FBI executed two days later on August 5. The FBI, along with local authorities showed up at the GAC corporate offices on Highway 231 early that morning. They ended up carrying out boxes full of documents.

A federal judge unsealed that affidavit this week, which GAC did free debris clean-up work at Bill Husfelt’s home in the days following Hurricane Michael. Husfelt said that’s just not true.

“Nobody From GAC or any other company in town did anything on my property at any time,” Husfelt said.

“GAC nor any local company that I know of, The people that did my yard cleaning and trees – I had two trees of my house fall on my neighbors house and my neighbor can tell you that,” Husfelt said. “Because the people that my neighbor used were the same people that did mine. We all got together and used these same guys from Louisiana that had camped out down the street.”

Husfelt said he has all of the receipts for work done on his property. He said no one from the FBI has contacted him personally.

And he said he has no idea how to contact investigators.

Husfelt also said he is unaware of any illegal dealings between the school district and GAC.

He said he’s surprised this document was even released.

“Great legal minds that I’ve talked to said they were surprised this was released because this is what the judge used to decide whether or not to give the warrants or whatever they want,” Husfelt said.

Former Senator George Gainer is also named in the affidavit. He told News 13 this afternoon that GAC did not do any free work for him.

He also said the assertion that someone did work at his home is a bald-faced lie. No one named in the affidavit has been charged with any crime.

Watch the full news conference here.