'We have plenty of that, we need money': Eastpoint Fire Donation Center at Capacity

EASTPOINT, Fla. - Franklin County Emergency Management said 15 temporary relief trailers are now occupied. Each trailer comes with a 'move in kit' filled with items such as sheets, dishes, towels, and other supplies. 

"No clothes or toiletries or hygiene stuff we have plenty of that, we need money," said Amanda Hall, Franklin County Emergency Service. 

Hall has lived in Eastpoint for 35 years. 


After the Limerock Wildfire destroyed her home and everything in it she said money donations will serve a purpose for many. 

"Get people back stable again because we don't have anything," said Hall. 

Franklin County Emergency Management Coordinator Tress Dameron said the facility where donations are stored has just about reached capacity.

She said this is how they plan on using donations. 

"Things that people may need that we don't have at the facility we can purchase and then give that to them," said Dameron.  

Members will deliver items to people in the area as needed. 

"We're trying to facilitate and assist the rest of the families," said Damaron. 

Lending a helping hand to fire victims like Hall. 

"I lost everything, my animals, my home that i was in for 35 years," said Hall. 

Hall received a temporary relief trailer and  is now trying to get back normal.


"To have my own and be able to fix it, it's like I'm coming home," said Hall. 

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