BAYOU GEORGE, Fla.- One Bay County man whose house was damaged in Hurricane Michael finally has a place to call home thanks to the hard work of two organizations. 

Hope Panhandle, along with SBP, a group out of New Orleans, and a few volunteers from all over the country have been working around the clock since Hurricane Michael hit. 

They’ve gutted almost 100 homes so far, with 5 in the reconstruction phase. Tuesday, their first home was move in ready. 

Bobby Hill’s home has been completely renovated thanks to the volunteer’s hands-on work and the help of donations. Hope Panhandle executive director, Mara Harrison, said without the funding from grants and private donations, this heartwarming moment wouldn’t have been possible. 

“It’s on average about $35,000 to repair a home so every little bit helps and we’ve been very fortunate to be able to rely on local support to make all this happen,” said, Exec. Director ‘Hope Panhandle’, Mara Harrison.

“I was telling somebody at school about it and somebody overheard and they knew Mara and it just went from there and I’m just grateful and I’m just happy because he deserves his own place,” said Bobby’s Sister, Brenda Schlarb.

Every time someone moves in, they start on another home and take on a new client.

If you’d like to help you can sign up to volunteer or donate at