Rep. Neal Dunn talks about his symptoms and recovery

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Dr. Neal Dunn didn’t think he had COVID-19 but the test results told a different story.

“I thought I actually had a little bit of food poisoning. I sort of felt like I think every one of us has had that at one time or other. It was not some sort of extreme misery or anything and, by the way, it’s good for us to remember we think of this as a respiratory illness but the truth is it can show up as a gastrointestinal illness as well,” Dunn said. “And so we have to be kind of broad minded that different people are affected differently by this including a whole bunch of them that aren’t affected at all they just have asymptomatic carriers.”

Dunn said Friday that he was well on the way to recovery and was working on the coronavirus legislation currently referred to as phase four. Dunn has he was concerned about farmers and other businesses that can sometimes be left behind in Washington.

“You need confidence in this economy. You don’t just need healthy people, although you need that, you don’t just need more money in the forms of loans or grants,” Dunn said. “You need confidence so everybody who runs a business, everybody who works for a business, they need to have confidence in this economy coming back.”

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