Rep. Neal Dunn calls upcoming vaccine safe and effective

Florida Coronavirus News

As news reports suggest a vaccine for the coronavirus is coming very soon.

Representative Neal Dunn, R-Panama City, said this week that he is so certain of its safety that he will be one of the first to take it.

“If giving me a shot gives people confidence that I have confidence in the vaccine I think it’s absolutely worth it,” Dunn said. “I’m happy to do it. … We not only say it’s safe we believe it’s safe.”

Dunn contracted the virus in April. However, he will still take the vaccine in hopes of encouraging others about its safety.

One thing America can’t do, is shut down again, despite a massive rise in coronavirus cases across the country,” Dunn said.

“I think you need to focus, quarantine on the people who are at risk, the people who are sick, and let the rest of them work,” Dunn said. “This idea of locking down the entire economy as a response we can never do this again. We have done so many trillions of dollars of damage our grandchildren will be paying for this their entire lives.”

Once coronavirus is defeated next issue that needs to be dealt with is the economy, Dunn said.

“We need to get the care package the next care package out for the victims,” he said. “We’ve been working on we’ve been turned down at the alter 39 times by Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi.”

If republicans and democrats can make a deal help could be coming soon.

“We could really do a lot with this very, very quickly just like we did the first time. we could get a lot of money out the door that helps people in a really good helpful way,” Dunn said.

Both sides must work together, he added.

“I don’t think they wanted to do anything before the election,” Dunn said. “Now, the election is essentially over what do you say we get together and agree on something the American people need.”

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