‘Grim Reaper’ continues Florida beaches tour in Panama City Beach

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB)– Walton County attorney Daniel W. Uhlfelder continued his Florida Grim Reaper Tour by visiting Panama City Beach on Saturday.

Uhlfelder said his goal is to save lives and educate people about the virus. He does not talk to people while wearing the Grim Reaper costume, he just walks the beach.

“There’s nobody that wants us to reopen more than I do, but I want us to reopen with a plan that takes into account people’s safety and that’s the message I’m here to show,” Uhlfelder said.

The Walton County resident said he wants the area’s leadership to take COVID-19 more seriously.

“I think opening up this area to open tourism to people from all over the world is not appropriate without a plan,” Uhlfelder said.

The costume caught the attention of tourist and locals near public beach access point 58.

“I thought it was a creative way to protest,”said tourist, Alex Lowry.

Although beach goers didn’t agree with Uhlfelder they said he has the right to do what he wants just as they do.

“He should be able to do anything he wants to do as long as it doesn’t infringe on somebody else,” said tourist, Chris Morris.

Parents who witnessed the protest said the costume is frightening to their children.

“I don’t really like it too much, I think it is you know too scary for the kids I mean that they grim reaper that represents death,” said Bay County resident, Drew Mcintosh.

Uhlfelder said he has had request from other beaches around the state to come walk their beaches.

He will continue the Florida Grim Reaper Tour across the state.

“I want us to reopen with a plan where we don’t have people choosing between work and health,” Uhlfelder said.

Saturday was the first time he has visited Bay County and there is no word at this time where he will stop next.

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