Former Bay County resident discusses her COVID-19 diagnosis

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(WMBB) — When talking about positive cases of the coronavirus, it’s sometimes hard to envision unless we know someone personally.

A woman in New Orleans, who grew up in Bay County is speaking out about her experience and illness.

Carolyn Scofield says she started feeling ill the last week of February, right before Mardi Gras.

“I kind of expected it, I guess because it kind of validated how I felt. I felt not great. I mean I guess the way I can describe it, this is the worst i have ever felt in my entire life. Now I’ve not been sick very much in my life, but this is definitely the sickest I have ever been and so it kind of validated that it wasn’t just a normal cold or I was originally diagnosed with walking pneumonia and it seemed from everything I read about walking pneumonia it seemed like it was worse than anything that they had described so it kinda validated like this is not normal what’s happening.”

Scofield says she went to the doctor after feeling bad, but didn’t’ qualify for a COVID-19 test. She hadn’t been out of the country and her fever wasn’t very high, but she knew something wasn’t right.

She thought at first it was allergies, until her lungs got that crackle in them. She was finally tested last week and it came back positive.

“It’s terrifying because I have a friend whose brother is 45-years-old and he is currently in ICU on a ventilator with this and has no underlying conditions and so it is scary, because then you hear the accounts of people that said they felt okay or started feeling better and then got sicker and so I guess my fear now is I fear like I haven’t cleared it or it is going to get worse,” Scofield said.

Scofield, 39, works as a communications specialist for Tulane University in New Orleans. She has been working from home for weeks.

If you recognize her, it’s because she started her journalism career here at News 13 in the early 2000’s.

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