Florida National Guard responding to local VA nursing home coronavirus case

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMB) — Management at Clifford Chester Sims State Veterans Nursing Home was notified on Saturday by the Bay County Health Department that one of their employees tested positive for the coronavirus. 

“That individual is now on a 14 day isolation,” said Florida Department of Veteran Affairs Spokesperson Steve Murray. 

The home has had about 25 tests to date so far, and this was the first positive test. 

“Our home administrator has been alerting families, friends and staff members of what has been going on,” Murray said. 

But Sims and other state veteran nursing homes are receiving some help this week from the Florida National Guard. They are expected to start testing all residents and staff at Clifford Chester Sims State Veterans Nursing Home on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

“We think this is an excellent opportunity, with the availability of really hard to find tests, for the Florida National Guard to come in and be able to take a look at all of our residents and staff,” Murray said. 

After testing is completed, it will take about 48 to 72 hours to receive all of the testing results. They planned to keep family members as informed as possible. 

“Once the results of those tests are received, we will be communicating with them again to let them know the results of the test,” Murray said. 

As of March 11th, the center began restricting all visitation access to the home as a safety precaution. Murray wants concerned family members to know they are doing everything they can to keep their members safe. 

“Our goal is the elimination of as much risks to our residents and staff as humanly possible while continuing our efforts to provide the skilled and loving care they expect,” Murray said. 

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