Mental health experts weigh in on how to cope with fear and anxiety amid COVID-19 outbreak

Coronavirus Pandemic

ODESSA, Texas (YourBasin) – COVID-19 continues to spark fear across the country, and as the virus spreads, it is easy to become overwhelmed and overlook your mental health. Mental health experts recommend staying away from misinformation often found on social media.

The Centers for Disease Control suggests that if you are feeling symptoms of COVID-19, that you self quarantine. People who suffer from anxiety and other mental health issues could be significantly impacted and feel isolated. Dr. Bobby Jain says this could cause mental health to worsen for some.

“Isolation is the biggest enemy for mental illness,” Jain says. “This would be a good time to reach out to friends, watch movies with family, come up with a project. It would be a good way to reconnect with family.”

When it comes to anxiety surrounding COVID-19, children are especially affected. Child and Adolescent psychiatrist, Dr. Muhammad Khalid Zefar says when a child is suffering from anxiety or depression, they may become irritable and angry, or they might miss out on sleeping or eating properly.

Zefar suggests the best way to prevent stress or anxiety in a child is psycho-education.

If you are feeling stress or anxiety related to COVID-19, Texas Tech Physicians of the Permian Basin is hosting an educational chatroom designed to teach coping skills. For more information, you can contact Chang Liu at

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