News 13 / Miller and Miller Nissan Altima Sweepstakes Semifinalists

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Here is a list of semifinalists for the News 13 / Miller and Miller Nissan Altima Sweepstakes

June 21, 2018:
Amy Johnson
Candice Gay
Christina Charles
Destiny Johns
Kelly Lloyd
Kennedy Yon
Kerrianne Edwards
Michael Godwin
Polianna Santovenia
Sandra McCallister
Sarah Ford
Susan Hand
Tiffany Benton

June 28: Justin Waltman
June 29: 
Jennifer Faircloth
​​​​​​​July 2: 
Sherrie Diliberto​​​​​​​
July 3: Bridgette Book

July 4: Kalani Nooney
July 5 : Al Adcock

July 6: Janice McCalister
July 9: April Patterson
July 10: Brittany Sims

August 30th: Marilyn Vincent

September 26th: Laurie Barwick

October 25: Kassidy Causey

October 26th: Vernon Hall

October 29th: Mora Johnson-Brogdon

October 30th: Tabatha Smith

October 31st: Lillian Wilson

November 1st: Michelle Adkins

November 2nd: Tammie Cutchin

November 5th: Michelle Herman

November 6th: Kayla Quellet

November 7th: Gayle Holmes

November 8th: Jodie Richards Brown

November 9th: Edna Riley

November 12th: Barbara Bruyere

November 13th: Kala Mercer

November 14th: Ashley Dickens

November 15th: Alka Patel

November 16th:  Renee Sims

November 19th: Joanna Tousignant

November 20th: Geraldine Rinaldi

November 21st:  Lindsey Comerford

December 21st: Randy Kimbrough

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