Senator Rubio Pushes for Recovery Relief Legislation

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Florida Senator Marco Rubio is currently working on multiple projects including one bill to would benefit the panhandle and other disaster-impacted areas.

Speaking about the Panhandle, Sen. Rubio said, “there’s still incredible devastation and a lot of the local governments down there are really struggling with the money they had to put out in the street to begin this recovery.”

The bill would help Hurricane Michael impacted areas and others across the country.

“It has money for the flooding, has money for Georgia, California and the forest fires, Hawaii had a couple. It also has money for Puerto Rico and the SNAP program, which has already run out of money over there, that’s the food stamp program. So it’s paired with other disasters but it is a disaster relief bill,” said Rubio.

Rubio says they’re hoping to get this bill passed by the end of the week.

That’s not all he’s working on though, also trying to get a paid family legislation passed.

“The birth of a child means they have to take time out of work and while the law allows you to take time away without losing your job, there are very few people that can go 6,8, 10 weeks without a paycheck,” said Rubio.

He’s proposed a new option for families.

Rubio said, “we’ll allow people to say, you know what, I’m going to borrow from my social security, my future benefit now cause I need the money today and then I can pay it back when I retire. It’s up to them, it’s an option whether you want to use this, it’s an option how long you want to use it.”

Rubio says he’s gotten positive feedback on this bill from the White House and hopes to get it passed soon.

The senator is also hoping to get the Sunshine Protection Act passed. This would take away Daylight Savings time across the country during the fall and winter months. He says he knows this isn’t the most important issue right now but there’s a lot of interest from residents across the country.

You can see Senator Rubio’s full interview with News 13 in the video above.

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