Piece of Pearl Harbor History Docks in Panama City

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One hundred years ago, the naval ship, the USS Tern was built and also served our country during World War II. Now, a piece of that ship is in Panama City.

“About a year ago, the commanding officer decided he wanted to reconstitute the quarter deck and one of the things you need on a quarter deck is a ship’s bell,” said Michael Adams, Head of Corporate Operations Department at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Panama City.

Searching to see what was available, the organization stumbled upon a piece of history dating back to pearl harbor.

Adams said, “about an hour and 15 minutes after the attack began, Tern got underway, went out into the channel and recovered 46 sailors that were in the water.”

The bell of that ship now a part of Panama City and opening avenues to new relationships.

“We’re actually are in communication with the grandchildren and other family members whose fathers were on the ship on December 7th,” said Adams. 

The center plans to build a special case to display the bell and Adams say, it serves as a reminder every day to those who pass it.

“For us, Hurricane Michael has damaged 82 of the 88 buildings that are the campus of the Warfare Center so every day passing by a bell, we can go back to what those men did back in 1941 and how they survived in that time. It gives us confidence that we will also survive and we will be better post- Michael than we were pre-Michael.”

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