Mayor hoping to make change to form of government

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. — On March 29th, Mayor Margo Anderson posted on her personal Facebook page.

She asked residents for input on changing the way the city’s government works.

“I was the no vote on looking for another city manager,” said Mayor Anderson.

On Tuesday, the Lynn Haven City Commission voted to open the search for a new city manager. This after the arrest of former city manager Michael White.

Now, Anderson has a new plan in mind. “I’m just asking the residents of Lynn Haven what they think about the possibility of amending our charter to a strong mayor government.”

The changes would allow the mayor of the city to make financial decisions for the city, rather than having a city manager to do so. 

Anderson said, “that takes 10% of the signatures of the registered voters in Lynn Haven and if I’m able to do that, then we could ask for a referendum vote.”

She says the role hasn’t been kind to the city. “I have put it out there based on the fact that we have had such a turnover of city managers and the residents really haven’t been happy with the performance of many of them.”

If Anderson gets the needed signatures, the issue would not be voted on unless the city commission calls a special election or wait until the next general election.

Mayor Anderson will serve in office another four years, running unopposed for this year’s municipal election. 

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