Lynn Haven elects two new commissioners

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LYNN HAVEN, Fla. — Lynn Haven residents took to the poles and elected two new commissioners. 

In the race for seat one, Brandon Aldridge beat out Dale Robitaille and Bob Schultz. 

Aldridge spent his evening at Sonny’s BBQ surrounded by his family and closest friends.
He says his initial reaction was just excitement and gratitude to those who got out and voted for him.

Just like the rest of the area, Aldridge says his main priority is getting the city cleaned up after Hurricane Michael.

He says he’s focusing on what areas he can help improve during recovery and what other types of funding he can secure for the city.

He also says, he knows there’s a lot of turmoil surrounding Lynn Haven right now and he’s here to let residents know things will get better. 

“There’s a lot of moving parts in this situation so I’m not going to throw rocks right now or I’m not going to make some judgments when I don’t know, ya know, the full picture. That being said, there is good leadership in Lynn Haven, there are good people in Lynn Haven. We’re going to come together, just like we did with the storm and we’re going to overcome this, ya know, we’re going to take each other’s hand and say, you know what? We’re going to make our city better,” said Aldridge. 

Aldridge says he’s also focused on other projects like rails for trails as well as getting community parks back to standard. 

In the race for seat two, Pat Perno won the race against Pam Hiller. 

Pat was extremely emotional when I spoke with him after the results came in. 
He had his election night party at Southerland Event Center and also surrounded by his family.

Pat constantly said how grateful he is the community elected him for this position and excited to serve in the office.

He, too, knows that recovery is a priority but he’s also focused on getting the community back to what it once was. 

Perno said, “I want to get our ballparks back and our recreation back. I want to get our neighborhoods back to be safe. So there’s a lot of stuff Lynn Haven has to do in a fiscal responsible way. With my background, I could possibly bring a little sense to things and get things going.”

Perno says he thinks he along with Aldridge will be great additions to the current staff and excited to get out in the community to connect with the citizens.

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