Fence Feud Ends in Profanity

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A local woman says she feels scared in her own home because of a message left in her backyard.

Hurricane Michael knocked-down the neighbor’s fence behind Jenna McClendon’s home. 

”My neighbor came to me saying that he had scheduled somebody to come replace the fence. He said it’s going to be $1,800 dollars and some change and then said, whatever you can afford, said McClendon

Even though the fence is not on her property, the neighbor George Rubatt expected McClendon to help pay for the replacement.

With money being tight since the storm, McClendon said, I was like, look I’m really sorry, I can’t. There’s no way. He started screaming at me. 

McClendon says the fence went up last week and on Sunday, she says she came home to a surprise. Came to my back yard and saw paint all over the fence.

Mcclendon said the words painted made her feel threatened. Not only deface it but write curse words on it kind of, I mean it’s scary. You don’t know what they’re going to do and if they’re going to do that to their own property, what are they going to do to my property.

News13 talked with Rubatt at his home. He declined to speak on camera but says he told the police McClendon could sand down the fence on her side if it was bothering her.

McClendon says she hasn’t talked with the neighbor since the incident happened, but she filed a police report with the Panama City Police.

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