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FEMA Housing Assistance Program Helps Family of Nine Get a New Home

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Fema placed trailers in the last group site of Bay County, housing a total of 132 trailers for families recovering from Hurricane Michael.

Located at the Bay County Fairgrounds, 100 more families will now have a place to call theirs. 

“We’re glad to have some of these families coming back. We know there are still families out of town, out of the county that are able to have a place to come back to. Get back to work, get back to school, get back to a little bit of normalcy,” said Bay County Commissioner Robert Carroll. 

One of the families living in the new site is Limon Wilson, his fiancĂ©e Callie Holiman and their seven children. 

“The newborn. We have Egypt. She’s one. Jaxin’s two, Athena’s four, Lexi’s seven, my son Limon is 12 and my daughter is 15.”

The family lost everything in Hurricane Michael and since then, they say FEMA has been a huge help.

“When it first happened, we all had one room, which was fine. We were just happy to be able to get into shelter. Then FEMA told us they accommodated us with another room, so that really put a smile on my face,” said Wilson.

Moving into their FEMA trailer on Monday, Holiman says they’re just happy to have some type of normalcy.

FEMA granted the group two trailers and with the 18-month assistance, Holiman says this will help them plan for the future.

FEMA representatives say only about 60 families are in the trailers right now and they’re working to get the families who qualified into the vacant trailers.

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