Bay District Schools hopes to change the way some faculty is paid in emergency situations

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. — Bay District Schools had a full agenda at Tuesday afternoon’s board meeting.

One of the topics of discussion discussed how the district could be better prepared if another hurricane hits the county.

At the meeting, a policy for compensation during a declared emergency was passed for advertising.

The district would offer different training for faculty and staff to work within emergency shelters and receive double pay for that time. The district would then be reimbursed by the county.

This plan, still in its beginning stages will be revisited in 30 days.

Also since Hurricane Michael, mental health inside schools has been a top priority and Bay District is hoping to fulfill the need even better.

To help better organize and facilitate mental health needs for students, the district is hoping to add a Mental Health Coordinator position. The person who takes the job will be head of training, education and implementing of the mental health plans the district has in place.

The school board approved the job description Tuesday afternoon for advertising and will revisit the matter in 30 days.

Also from the meeting, many nonprofits and community organizations will be using Bay District Schools for their summer programs.

The board approved four different leasing agreements for the organizations: Mercy Chefs, Experience Mission Incorporated, Girls Inc. and the Boys and Girls Club of Callaway.

The four schools being used are Oscar Patterson Elementary, Mowat Middle School, Oakland Terrance Elementary and Lucille Moore Elementary.

The district also recognized dozens of students and student-athletes as students of the month as well as district MVPs. 

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