Annual Event Helps Local Students to Have a Night of Glamour

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It’s almost prom season and that means students will be trading in jerseys and tennis shoes for suits and sparkly heels but this year,  it might just not be in the budget for some families.

The 3rd Annual Dress for Less event allows high school students and their families to put worries aside.

“We were sitting around one day and noticed we have a lot of dresses that are sitting in our closets that our girls are not wearing anymore and we spent a lot of money for them so we figured there’s a lot of parents in the same situation,” said one of the organizers, Brenda Glimm. 

The free event features gowns of all lengths and colors, shoes and jewelry. In the wake of Hurricane Michael, the need was even greater.

Glimm said,  “I figured that they really needed it this year really bad. From what I’m hearing a lot of your stores are gone too so they don’t have the availability as they did before the storm.”

Bay High junior Tapanga Flores says she would’ve missed out on if it weren’t for the event.

“Honestly, it was too expensive for me to find a dress so I didn’t think I’d be going to prom,” said Flores.

She says she tried on multiple dresses but ultimately found the right one for her. “All the other ones weren’t fitting right and I was just like, I can’t find a dress and then we actually found one and I was like oh my goodness and it looked great and I was just ‘yay! I finally got a dress!'”

Glimm says they hoped to have more options for the male students but instead they plan to help those young men who came in get ready for their big night.

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