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Town Hall Aims to Help Community Step in the Right Direction

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - Rebuilding after Hurricane Michael will take years but it can't start until the proper steps are taken.

Some in our community are not sure what to do next and to help, the Bay County Branch of the NAACP hosted its fourth town hall meeting on Thursday. 

The meeting was held at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church as those who attended were able to receive professional guidance and also voice concerns. 
Organizers say the past three town halls were focused on questions but this session was pushing toward answers. 

"Trying to provide solutions to people's questions or problems that they may have by bringing on contractors, claim adjusters, attorneys, FEMA and SBA," said Dinah Crayton.

Crayton says you can contact the NAACP to connect with the different organizations that were present at the town hall. 

You can find contact information for the Bay County Branch of the NAACP here.

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