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Pensacola Group Brings Thousands of Donations to Bay County

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - A group from Pensacola made their 40th trip since Hurricane Michael and brought a little Christmas joy.

Semi- trucks full of clothes, shoes, toys, teddy bears and more made its way to Parkway Presbyterian Church. 

All of the items were donated by different individuals and even businesses from Illinois. Organizers say they wanted to take some stress off in this tough time and allow people to focus on what's important.  

"If a mother or parent is in a tent, they're worried about Christmas for their kids or if they even have a house, they're worried about fixing the windows. So we thought if we could help take Christmas off of their plate, then they would relax a little bit," said Larry Ward, an organizer of the event. 

The group also had two other locations for the give away. They were at the Early Education center in Panama City and Fountains Victory Tabernacle in Fountain. 

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