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Local pastors ready to host larger crowds on Resurrection Sunday

PANAMA CITY, Fla. -- Local churches are preparing for the Easter weekend and the extra crowds that will attend. 

Family of God Baptist Church and Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church are both still feeling the impact of Hurricane Michael. 

"The damage is massive and looks like that the building may have to come down to the ground," said Dwight Woods, Pastor of Family of God. 

Jesse Nelson, Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Pastor said, "so the damage there is at least half a million dollars minimum."

As the biggest religious weekend of the year approaches, the two senior pastors will be hosting a larger amount of guests.

Woods' main sanctuary was destroyed, pushing his congregation to a smaller building on campus.

"The biggest problem on Sunday is finding the space in this facility to make people comfortable for worship," said Woods.

For Nelson, the additional space they had was hit the hardest. "We had to limit some of the ministries we were able to do because that was a great place. We did our Sunday school there for our teens, we had our children's church there during our morning's worship services. We also had our Sunday night youth Bible study there."

Woods says he thinks the storm caused a spiritual awakening. "It's brought the church outside the walls. It's caused the people to realize that church isn't a building, but it's about people.

Both pastors, seeing an opportunity to bring encouragement to those who may normally not lend an ear. 

Nelson said, "the resurrection will infuse us with the power to overcome our recovery."

"I think the resurrection and the recovery go together. Resurrection deals with man's recovery with god and god bringing man back to him and I think this is going to go hand in hand together, even in the message on Sunday. We can recover because we have hope in Christ Jesus and just like he brought us together back with the father, he's going to put us back together in this community," said Woods. 

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