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Hurricane Michael is a category 5 storm; local leaders react

BAY COUNTY, Fla. -- Hurricane Michael is now recognized as a category five storm, making it one of the strongest in our nation's history.

The news bringing relief to local leaders as they hope the news will create urgency in Washington D.C.

"We anticipated it being that. I mean we were all here witnessing the storm. For this, we would hope that Congress now will realize how bad this storm really was," said County Commissioner Robert Carroll.

"We were devastated. We need to get funding. It needs to come now," said Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki. 

Funding that Bay County and its cities need to rebuild. 

Brudnicki said, "I know the county can't and the state can't. None of us would be able to survive."

"It's too much money. It's double our county budget," said Carroll. 

Brudnicki says this also puts a national spotlight back on the Panhandle.

Carroll agrees and hopes this will push funding to hurricane-impacted areas quicker. 

"It doesn't get any higher than a category 5 so we would hope that this gets them moving a little more forward and expedited manner to get us some help and some relief," said Carroll.

"All this does is puts us back on the radar and give everyone in Washington, as well as the president more substantiation to get us funding sooner," said Brudnicki. 


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