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Former Employees Files Lawsuit against State Attorney

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - A former employee is suing the state attorney and asking for more than $15,000 dollars. 

Christine Smallwood Miranda started working at the State Attorney's office in 2013 and continued her work until April of 2017 before being terminated but she say, it wasn't because of her work performance.

According to the lawsuit filed on January 9, 2019, Miranda says she was treated differently in the work place based on her race, gender, national origin and sexual orientation. She says when she reported the activity she started to see actions of retaliation from Chief Prosecutor Larry Basford and State Attorney Glenn Hess. 

Miranda claims when she did not attend a re-election dinner for Hess, Basford pressured her into donating $100 dollars even though she wasn't in support of his re-election.

She says Basford asked her of her national origin and when told Puerto Rico.,he asked if that was part of the United States. 

Miranda also says Hess and Basford would use terms that are offensive toward the LGBTQ community. 

News13 reached out to the State Attorney's office and they say Miranda has no case.

The Florida Commission of Human Relations completed an investigation on the matter and released a statement saying there is no reasonable cause to believe an unlawful practice occurred. The document says "there is insufficient credible evidence of alleged harassment."    

Miranda's lawyer says they will be filing an amended complaint in the next coming days.

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