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Bay District Schools Receive $700,000 Worth of Supplies

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - Teachers in Bay County are getting some much needed help in getting their classrooms running smoothly again.

Hand2Mind along with Teach your Heart Out and other organizations donated $700,000 dollars worth of new supplies for teachers to fill their classes.

Representatives of  Teach your Heart Out made the trip to JR Arnold High school to officially finish the job.

Being educators themselves, they say it felt good to help take some stress off of the teachers.

Eric Crouch and Lisa Dunnigan, with Teach your Heart Out, said "so we know this $700,000 of materials will hopefully go a very long way and give them a foundation to begin to build their resources back up."

"It was really hard for the teachers to put aside their personal sacrifices and personal challenges and come back to be there for the children so it's awesome to be able to take something off of their plates," said Sharon Michalik, Director of Communications for Bay District Schools.

The supplies are currently being stored and will be distributed by the district to the schools. 

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