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Bay County Sheriff's Office Investigating after Video of Alleged Illegal Dumping Surfaces

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Bay County Sheriff's Office Deputies are investigating another possible illegal dumping case. This time the illegal dumping was caught on tape.

The video shows a crew from Restore One Restoration and Construction, dumping a load of construction debris Thursday afternoon. The incident happened near Magnolia Bay Club, on the right-of-way on Magnolia Beach Boulevard.

The viewer who sent News13 the video said that Restore One told him, FEMA gave them permission to dump their debris in that spot and they're within their rights. FEMA said that they do not give any permits of that kind.

So is this illegal? According to Bay County, yes. 

"Debris that should be taken out to the right of way is from residential houses. What you would expect to see is landscaping, trees, if their privacy fence was blown down, things like that. What we don't want to see is commercial dumping," said Keith Bryant, Bay County Public Works Director.

Bryant said that this type of act makes the clean up process last longer and is costing the county money. Just this week, county officials began alerting the community about the issue. 

 "Getting the word out to the public and letting them know this is not appropriate behavior. You'll see a lot of press releases, you'll see a lot of signs going up," said Bryant.

 The Bay County Sheriff's Office has the video and is investigating the incident.

News13 called Restore One to get their side of the story, but they declined to comment.      

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