Consuela Jordan a teen mom who married her high school sweetheart said motherhood was a rewarding but beautiful challenge. Now she helps other families reach their full potential as a Health Families coach through Life Management. She also is a preacher next to her husband and they run their own congregation out of Panama City.

“That’s what it’s all about seeing lives changed.”

That’s the personal motto for Consuela Jordan.

Jordan works at Life Management under the Healthy Families Program.

“A parent coach, that’s an easy way to say it. What we do is educate parents with child development,” said Jordan.

The program takes place from birth to the time a child is five years old. Jordan’s role is to set goals for the family to reach and grow together.

While Jordan has been working with children for over a decade, she admits parenting is still a challenge, one she knows personally.

“Myself, I was a teen mother, so I became a mother at age 18 and married at 19, so I understand the struggle,” Jordan said.

Jordan has been with her husband, Walter, for 29 years.

They have two children together, De’andre and De’vonte, and through the hard times of being teen parents, Jordan and her husband said they relied on God to get them through.

“We got married and our relationship with Christ just grew from there,” she said.

They attended church every week until Jordan said her husband got a message from God to start his own congregation, nearly 10 years ago.

“He came to me and the boys, and said that God had been dealing with him to start a church. That’s how it happened. I said, okay if god said it then were with you,” Jordan said.

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Jordan runs the congregation “His way kingdom of Life” alongside her husband. Together the family works to bring change into the lives of others through spreading the word of Christ.

Jordan added at times it is a challenge, as women are far and few in the world of ministry, especially women of color.

“It has it’s challenging times, even now, and I’ve been doing it for this long, but it’s still challenging because everybody don’t believe that a woman can or should do ministry,” she said.

That’s not all she’s had to overcome. The building that housed their church was destroyed in Hurricane Michael. Just when Jordan and her husband were looking at a new worship center, the pandemic happened.

Now Jordan and her family conduct services online, and host two community outreach events outside twice a month.

With her ministry and her coaching, Jordan wants to make a difference in those around her.
With God on her side, she said she knows it’s possible.

“Life is hard, you know for all of us, so the one hope that we have that everybody don’t is hope in Christ, and so we offer that hope to everybody,” she said.