Suicide Prevention and Awareness Training for Bay District School staff


Over 47 thousand people in the US died in 2017 from suicide.

With mental health importance on the rise, Bay District provided staff members a chance to learn more about at-risk behaviors they may see in students. 

With suicide being the second leading cause of death in persons 15-24 years old and the one year anniversary of Hurricane Michael coming up, Bay District Schools held suicide awareness and prevention training for all of their staff.

Bay District staff got information on how to recognize warning signs students may show, to supervise closely, avoid judgment, and seek help immediately for students. 

According to the National Alliance on mental illness, one in five school age youth have a mental disorder every year.

“We’ve been challenged as a community,”
School psychologist, Frank Zenere, is the director of the crisis management program with Miami-Dade public’s schools. 

“For those children and families that have suffered loss of home, loss of job, loss of life in the family, including a pet that died, any and all of these circumstances and more can be very, not only disheartening, but can also lead to depression and other forms of mental illnesses,” said Zenere.

The district asks parents to remove children’s access to potentially dangerous factors within their homes such as guns and medicine.

They advise parents and school staff to pay attention to warning signs such as sudden changes in behavior, physical appearance, loss of friends, threats and reckless behaviors as they prepare for the start of the new school year.

“To recognize risk factors and warning signs, to be aware of faculty responsibilities and not only recognizing these warning signs, but what interventions we can do at school,” said Zenere.

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