Panama City woman looks for a kidney donor


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Taylor family is hoping for a Christmas miracle. Melanie Taylor is in need of a new kidney. They’re hoping some here in Bay County may hold the answer to their prayers

Melanie Raylor has an incurable genetic disorder called polycystic kidney disease. Where cysts constantly develop in her kidney. Melanie is not currently undergoing dialysis.

Her husband says they’re looking for a matching kidney donor to help her disease.

“What we’re trying to do is be proactive rather than reactive, if we can go out and find a donor for her now, a living donor preferably. We’ll do anything to avoid the necessity of going on dialysis,” said Panama City resident, Bryan Taylor.

Melanie’s insurance covers the cost of the donor surgery, which would be minimally invasive surgery.

“The simplicity with which it’s done nowadays is just remarkable. It’s all laparoscopically, they’re not ripping you apart trying to get that kidney out, it’s all done very sensitively. The recovery time typically for the donor is about a week, a week or two, it’s not nearly as bad as people imagine,” said Taylor.

Living donors are the best option.

“Living donors, their kidneys would last much longer, than if you were to get a kidney off the deceased list,” said Taylor.

Melanie Taylor is on the donor’s waiting list at the Mayo Clinic, which has a kidney swap option.

“If you were somebody who wanted to donate a kidney to Melanie, and you were not an acceptable match for Melanie, but the Mayo Clinic has somebody on their list that you are an acceptable match for, then that person has somebody that is an acceptable match for Melanie somewhere else,” said Taylor.

The link for that swap site is:

The living donor coordinator at the Mayo Clinic is named Christine, her email is attached below if anyone has any questions about donation.

They’re hoping someone can answer their prayers.

“It would just be such a blessing if we could find a living donor.”

To find out if you are a match for Melanie go to:

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