New leadership at GCSC Gulf/Franklin Campus


The Gulf/Franklin campus of G-C-S-U is under new leadership with new programs coming soon as well.

News 13 spent some time today with Al Mccambry, the new director of the campus. He has big plans for the college. 

He plans to push certain programs to the next level as well as expand certain majors. 

He said he is most excited to reconnect the Gulf/Franklin campus with the community.

“I’m excited about expanding the number of students we have on campus here. I’m excited about working with the community to partner with both chambers, and with the economic development institutes here in the area.” said Mccambry.

Mccambry says a program like the unmanned vehicle program, is rare in the community.

“If we can expand the unmanned vehicle program, which touches on a tremendous amount of opportunity everything from rescue, to looking at stuff with utilities, to just a plethora to a different type of jobs out there. So if i can get the unmanned vehicles program here a little bit and partner with the partners that are already here on the campus and within this community.. I think that will give us a little edge as it relates to opportunity within this community.” said Mccambry.

He also plans to expand the 100 student nursing program. New equipment with artificial intelligence was the first step. 

We spoke to professor of the nursing program, Debbie Brzuska, who says this new equipment, nicknamed ‘Mike’, can help students in more ways than one.

“He is a code simulator. He is state of the art as well. He is good for any and all nursing skills. from the very simple to the very complex. We can incubate him, we can give him CPR and actually shock him. Do intravenous infusions with him, draw blood with him and all that. So the students have a very good learning tool with him as well.” said Brzuska.

This college also has a program where 6th graders are matched with a mentor until 12th grade, if these students successfully complete the program they receive a two year scholarship to GCSC.

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