Gulf County cracking down on community health issues


GULF COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Building a healthier Gulf County is the community-wide initiative of their local health department.

The Gulf County community health improvement partners have identified four key priorities to try and resolve during their monthly meetings.

The four objectives that the health department has identified as priorities: mental health and substance abuse, access to care, physical activity, and socioeconomics.

With several different members contributing to the resolution of these issues, many have formed ideas of how to tackle these obstacles.

Including financial literacy, working with career source to find more job opportunities, as well as working with elementary schools to provide more nutrition and activity in a class setting

“There’s actually a process in place that we use with our community partner. They look at real health data as well as concerns from our residents through community surveys. We compile it all together and that’s how our priorities are identified,” said FDOH Gulf County Administrator, Sarah Hinds.

The meeting that was held reviewed the community-driven objectives and staff hope that they have taken a step closer to solving these issues the community is facing.

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