Enrollment Numbers a big question for Bay District Schools


PANAMA CITY, Fla. — After Hurricane Michael forced many families to leave Bay District officials remain concerned that their enrollment numbers will decrease.However, students and parents are still signing up every day. 

After Hurricane Michael, Bay District lost 3,000 students. 2,000 from elementary education and 1,000 from secondary education. We’re taking a look at enrollment and funding numbers going in to this 2019 school year.

At several schools, many kids are transferring out but many are also moving in. 

With students leaving the county following the storm, district officials say schools at the beach will still have larger numbers due to the housing being more readily available.

Lynn Haven has seen an increase in enrollment as well.

Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Denise Kelley says these numbers are not final though.

“However we know the numbers we are looking at are soft numbers. There will be no way to really determine how many kids will show up on the first day at school. So i know that the administrators on the very first day of school will be counting students, and checking enrollment to see how many students actually show up,” said Kelley.

If student count is down, this means funding for Bay District Schools will also be down. The finance department will adjust the school budget based on that student count on the first day.

“We’re all anxious to see what that number is and who shows back up,” said Kelley.

In addition to students moving around, the same is true for teachers. The district continues its search to fill teaching positions after many locals left the area.

“Right now we need teachers, we actually last week had 30 jobs on the board for teachers,” said Kelley.

Once those enrollment numbers are in, the district will have a better idea of what the budget will be for the school year.

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