LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) – Jessica Dorsey is the first person you see when you walk through the front office at Mowat Middle School.

“She’s the first face they encounter,” said Principal Ed Sheffield. “She’s the smiling face, she’s the face of Mowat.”

She spends her mornings checking-in students, writing tardy passes, answering phones, and ultimately steering both students and parents in the right direction.

“I’m the filtration system,” said Dorsey. “I filter them where they need to go for the day or for the moment.”

Dozens of students walk through the office doors every day. Whatever their request may be, Dorsey said interacting with them is the best part.

“I love kids, so I think this was the right step when I chose to come into the school system.”

Dorsey was nominated by a student’s grandparent for her professional attitude and her warm and personality with the students.

Dorsey said she appreciates the recognition but she is just doing her job.

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