BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – Rebecca Kevern has been working in education for over 20 years, ask anyone, faculty or students around Tyndall Academy and her experience and passion for teaching are immediately noticeable.

“First word is natural. She’s just a natural teacher. She teaches all the time no matter what she’s doing,” said Tyndall Academy Assistant Administrator Carolyn Dehner. “She eats, lives, breathes education and always is thinking about how she can meet her students’ needs.”

When you talk to Kevern herself it becomes abundantly clear what the most enjoyable part of her job is.

“When the light bulbs go off and they get it, it really gives me a good feeling of satisfaction that they’re listening and they did what I asked them to do and they’re understanding and they’re learning it,” Kevern said.

Teaching at Tyndall means children come and go frequently, so keeping a connection to her former students is very meaningful to Kevern.

“It’s always sad to say bye to a student and to see them go,” Kevern added. “Then I like when I get contact from parents and once they leave that, ‘hey, they’re doing really well,’ and they kind of keep in contact that way.”

Kevern not only wants to build relationships with her students but parents and families as well.

“It really goes to show that building those relationships with the students and the parents and the families really does help the child because they know that we are all working together and we all have to work together to be able to do what we do every day,” said Kevern.

Rather than just telling other people about the impact Kevern had had on them, her former students want to show people how much she means to them.

“One of her students, former students dressed up for Halloween as Mrs. Kevern,” Dehner added. “So she dressed herself, wore a sign that said, ‘I’m Mrs. Kevern.’ I think that makes her a Class Act.”

That’s what makes Rebecca Kevern a Class Act.

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