BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – North Bay Haven Charter Academy’s Dana Bohac teaches Criminal Justice to students. She’s also a Reserve Deputy with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office.

Bohac taught for six years before switching things up and becoming a Law Enforcement Officer.

“With my Law Enforcement Officer career, I went into the SRD position and I absolutely loved it,” said Bohac. “But being back in the schools reignited that drive to be back in the classroom.”

So back to the classroom she went. This is her second year teaching Criminal Justice at North Bay Haven Charter Academy.

A big part of student learning in her classroom are lesson discussions and interactive activities. However, the objective goes beyond understanding how the Criminal Justice system works.

“The whole goal is to be positive contributing members of society, and that’s not just within the confines of these classrooms,” said Bohac.

Her students practice public speaking, participate in mock trials, and even learn how to thrive in job interviews. While these experiences are common, they can be nerve-wracking. She said she tries her best to make students feel comfortable.

“When you’re in here, you’re safe,” said Bohac. “There’s nothing you can say where someone is going to laugh at you or make fun of you. You have to feel safe, feel included, and feel seen. As long as you feel that, they’re willing to push their boundaries.”

Students like Freshman Jaiden Jackson-Wilson are proof her methods are working.

“She’s really got me out of my shell. I find it really hard to talk to people in general, but she’s made it very easy and fun,” said Jackson-Wilson.

Jackson-Wilson’s mother nominated Bohac. In her nomination, she said her daughter has flourished and thrived with Bohac’s guidance and support.

“To have affirmation that I’ve impacted somebody and I’ve made a difference, it’s huge,” said Bohac. “It’s worth it. That’s why we do what we do.”

Bohac was humbled and honored to be recognized for her efforts, but doesn’t feel she did anything extra.

“I just feel I’m reaching out to the kids to help them be the best version of themselves.”

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