PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – Brooke Loyed is in her third year as principal of Patronis Elementary School, but she’s no stranger to education, being a Bay County educator for the past 29 years.

When talking to her co-workers it’s abundantly clear how much she enjoys her job.

“She’s here every day, rooting for the teachers, pulling for the kids, and for each of us to do our best jobs that we possibly can,” said Patronis Elementary School Teacher Kenny Kirkland.

“She’s very communicative,” Patronis Elementary School PTO President Cali Wilson added. “Any time any one of us has an issue or a problem, we can go right to her and she is all ears. Having that close contact, I think, as a parent and a PTO member is very important. I never feel intimidated.”

But if you ask Loyed herself why her school is so successful, she immediately credits those around her.

“I’m surrounded by teachers who are passionate, staff members who are passionate, and these kids are passionate about learning,” Lloyd said. “They want to come to school and they want to be happy at school, and they want to learn something every day, and they do.”

Loyed cultivates an environment that goes beyond the typical school dynamic, to her peers, she is like family.

“It’s not a principal situation, it’s more of like an aunt that you can come to school and still have that familiarity and that’s what I think I love the most, is she still has the authority,” said Wilson. “They respect her, but they also know they can come to her at any time and get that big, warm hug too.”

“Here at Patronis we’re family, and she’s the mother of our family,” Kirkland went on to add. “She brings us all together and she’s always supporting us in everything that we do.”

If Loyed wants to leave her students with one piece of advice it’s to always strive to be your best, no matter who is watching.

“You do the things when no one’s looking. You do the things because you want to do them. You’re not doing it to get the award, you’re not doing it to be on WMBB, you’re doing it because it’s what’s right, it’s what is in your heart,” Lloyd said. “If somebody notices it, fantastic, if they don’t, that’s ok too. It’s alright, you do you and make sure that you’re living up to what you were intended to live up to.”

That’s what makes Brooke Loyed a Class Act.

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