BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – Sweeping the floors, wiping the windows, and cleaning the bathrooms are all duties Cody Wellman is tasked to do on the daily.

“I really don’t mind,” said Wellman. “I actually enjoy helping out.”

Wellman is a janitor at Rosenwald High School.

His mom, Jane Wellman, is a Language Arts teacher at the school and nominated Cody.

“There’s nothing he’s every complained about having to do,” said Wellman. “Yes, he’s tired at the end of the day, but he’s doing everything that’s asked.”

Wellman says Cody has some mental disabilities but they don’t hold him back.

“They told us he’d never hold down a job, and here he is doing it, everyday,” said Wellman. “I’m just so proud of him.”

In the hallways, he’s quick to say hello to others and the students love him too.

“When he’s not here, I have kids ask me where’s Cody, so the kids miss him when he’s gone.”

Wellman says his favorite thing about the job is interacting with staff and students.

“Sometimes I just give them a fist bump and say ‘Hey how are you doing,'” said Wellman.

Wellman said it’s been a very happy experience and it’s never a dull day on the job.