PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The positive energy in Jackie Jackson’s Head Start classroom at Oscar Patterson Academy is contagious.

Jackson is a big reason why.

“I love their faces when they learn something new,” said Jackson. “That’s what gets me.”

Jackson began teaching tiny humans at Early Education and Care’s Head Start Program about six years ago and absolutely loves it.

“It’s not all about the teaching, the ABC’s, the counting,” said Jackson. “It’s about the love we give them. The hugs. The smiles.”

While many would agree toddlers can be unpredictable and challenging, Jackson said working with them is easy.

“I know what makes them tick, what makes them run. Once you learn that, it’s easy. It really is easy.”

She [Miss Jackie] gets to know them [children] one on one and individualized, ” said Gennette Hayes. Hayes is the site director for Early Education and Care, Inc.’s Head Start program at Oscar Patterson Academy.

Jackson said she treats each child in her class as if they were her own and makes it a point to not only help them learn, but make them feel loved.

“They’re people, little humans, they have bad days, they have bad mornings,” said Jackson. “But when you come in and you smile at them, and you give them the biggest hug, you brighten their day.”

A smile that just comes naturally and never seems to fade in the classroom.

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