BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. (WMBB) – For Blountstown Middle School Science Teacher, Brooke Hall, the classroom is her second home.

This school year marks her 21st year shaping young minds. However, it’s more than just making sure her students learn all things science. She wants students to realize they can do things, they think they can’t.

“One of my biggest mottos that I focus on, is progress over perfection,” said Hall. “You know, just because you don’t have it now, just because you don’t understand it now, doesn’t mean you can’t. You’ve got to stick with it.”

It’s a message for student she said she feels is especially important, now more than ever.

“Things are hard. They’ve had a hard life for the last few years.” She said it’s important to stick with it focus. “Even though you may fail sometimes, you can eventually do it.”

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Hurricane Michael severely damaged the area. Not only were students’ homes damaged, but Blountstown Elementary School was nearly destroyed. The damage forced the district to move elementary students into portables and to Blountstown Middle School. In turn, middle school students and staff moved to the high school to learn.

Before a sense of normalcy could even be established after the storm, the pandemic hit.

“There were kids in quarantine and there were kids in class, so it kind of doubled the load,” said Hall. “We had to teach the ones that were in class and then also take that same material and make it available for the ones at home.”

With everyone back in the classroom this year, Hall said she want so make sure there’s plenty of conversation and social interaction.

“I feel like we’ve lost a lot of conversation, so that’s what I’m trying to build back in this year.”

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While the pandemic doubled the load, Hall said it’s worth it for her students.

“We go to the grocery store and this kid will walk up to her, who I know is 20,25 years old, and he wants to get a hug from Ms. Hall and give her an update on what’s going on,” said Hall’s husband, Ben Hall. He nominated her for News 13’s ‘Class Act’ segment. “She’ll be holding a baby somewhere and I’ll ask her who’s baby that is and say I taught his mom or dad.”

That everlasting kindness and caring is just another reason why Hall is a Class Act.

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