PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Whenever you speak to a North Bay Haven student or faculty member about Hannah Spencer they’ll immediately tell you about her attitude and how she is always there for others.

“She has been one to make sure that the students are up to speed on the things in which they need in terms of to make them more successful in the classes they’re taking as well as just making sure that they’re ok,” said North Bay Haven High School & Middle School Principal Nakia Morris.

Spencer is in her third year at North Bay Haven.

She’s built a reputation for helping students with anything, always prepared to offer guidance or academic help for those seeking to improve.

“I’m willing to help anybody that needs help, anybody that wants to make anything they’re doing better,” said Spencer. “That’s really what I like to do.”

Spencer’s help doesn’t stop at students. 

She volunteers her time for school events and participates in school improvement activities.

“She helps us wherever she can,” Morris said. “There are so many various activities that we have here on campus, and Hannah wants to always volunteer to see how she can help us in any way possible.”

“I enjoy the excitement and the energy and the effort that they put in everything they do, from the academics to sports, to social clubs,” Spencer added. “They are just a great group of students.” 

She also serves as an inspiration for coworkers.

“She’s just always so helpful and she loves our school and you can tell it every single day,” Morris said.

That’s what makes Hannah Spencer a class act. 

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