PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Rosenwald High School science teacher Casey Conrad is best described as a jack of all trades.

Conrad just started her fourth year at Rosenwald.

Her principal says she’s as reliable as they come and consistently exceeds the school’s expectations.

“She’s taught every grade level for us from middle school, and now she’s in high school. She’s very dependable, said Rosenwald High School Principal Jonathan McQuagge. “You can always count on her to go the extra mile with students as well as with the school itself.”

Conrad considers it a priority to make herself available to her students, specifically so they feel as noticed and comfortable as possible around her.

She sees that as a path to success, both inside the classroom and outside society.

“I like to spend a lot of one-on-one time with my kids so that they have the ability to ask questions without being embarrassed because they don’t understand things,” Conrad said. “They have the ability to come and talk to me pretty much about whatever they feel comfortable opening up to me about.” 

Conrad’s energy and attitude are contagious not only in her classroom but around the campus.

“You know, being here every day, always got a smile on her face. I think she always sets a strong precedent for the other teachers,” McQuagge said. “You know, anytime you have a positive attitude, the other teachers, the students, they feed off that.”

At the end of the day, the goal is simple for Conrad and her students, do whatever it takes to graduate and get them to the next level in their educational process.

“She really, really wants the kids to be successful, wants to see them graduate, which is our number one goal here at Rosenwald,” said McQuagge. “To see our students move onto post-secondary education. I think she’s an instrumental part of that success.”

Conrad ensures all of her students that, by the time they leave her lab, they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, and whatever they do next in life, they will achieve.

“They’re not going to all become doctors or lawyers or anything like that, but they will have a sense of accomplishment and they will be something in this world if I can help it,” Conrad added.

That’s what makes Casey Conrad a ‘Class Act’.

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