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Building For The Future – How Claims and Expert Services Promote Safe, Sustainable and Profitable Construction

“With our newly opened office in Singapore, we are enhancing our existing presence in Asia. We are excited to come closer to our customers in the region, drawing on our global success record, we bring a winning combination of  German-quality and local exp

Director of Claims & Expert Services Drees & Sommer

Anand Anthony, Director of Claims & Expert Services

Drees & Sommer call for a more accountable approach to construction as the only way forward.

Local professionals offering international expert advice on construction and engineering disputes is crucial for construction and real estate companies, especially with a surge in projects globally.”
— Anand Anthony, Director of Claims & Expert Services

SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, November 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The construction industry is a critical component of the economy in the APAC region, including Singapore, providing jobs and opportunities for many people. However, growth in the industry also brings increased risks for delays, cost overruns, and construction-related claims. Therefore, adopting a more responsible approach to building for the future is essential.

In recent years, innovative construction consulting and project management have been instrumental in solving some of the most pressing issues in the APAC region. According to a recent report by the World Bank, the region is expected to see an increase in infrastructure investment of up to $5.36 trillion by 2025. Therefore, sustainable building practices, technology in construction, and improved project management are necessary to ensure that this investment is used effectively and efficiently.

One of the construction industry's main concerns is its environmental impact. Building materials, transportation of goods, and construction waste contribute to carbon emissions, which in turn contribute to climate change. The industry can reduce its carbon footprint by using sustainable materials, minimising waste, and utilising renewable energy sources whenever possible.

Singapore is a highly regulated country, and construction projects must adhere to strict regulations to uphold standards It has set a Net Zero target of emissions by 2050. Claims and expert services help ensure construction projects comply with these standards and regulations, mitigating the risk. Combining innovative construction consulting and expert claims services is essential for resolving disputes that may arise during construction projects.

Expert claim services can identify and resolve issues early in construction, helping clients save time and money while ensuring their projects are completed to the highest standards. This helps to mitigate risks and avoid potential legal disputes down the line.

In conclusion, a combination of this expertise plays a critical role in the construction sector of Singapore by ensuring compliance with regulations, resolving disputes, and improving the quality of construction projects. By providing expert advice and guidance throughout the construction process, an accountable approach to construction can help ensure that projects are completed to a high standard, reducing the impact on the environment and mitigating risk, truly building for the future.

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