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AdDaptive Intelligence Launches New Website and Logo

AdDaptive's sleek new look features a gradient and rounded edges, highlighting analytics and funnel movement

WALTHAM, Mass., Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- This week, AdDaptive Intelligence, the leading provider of account-based advertising and analytics, has released a new logo and website.

"Our new site shows advertisers how to use our transparent reporting and insights strategically to drive success."

"We started by exploring our business strategy, internal strengths, and market opportunities," explained Laura Goldstone, senior director of communications and branding strategy at AdDaptive. "Then we crafted messaging and designs that conveyed our differentiators most effectively. Strategic planning and cohesion throughout enabled a full brand refresh that spans all of our content, building on and elevating our voice and presence in the market."

The new design's elements include:

  • The gradient represents movement, adaptability, and depth as well as sleekness and tech-savviness.
  • The logomark matches the A in AdDaptive. Its shape conveys AdDaptive's emphasis on analytics and success by representing a bar chart growing from left to right. When rotated, it can also resemble a marketing funnel, representing AdDaptive's ability to move key accounts toward clients' KPIs.
  • The tagline informs audiences that they will achieve Smarter B2B Advertising by working with AdDaptive.

"The ultimate goal of this project was to elevate our visual identity and tell an authentic story that embodies who AdDaptive is, what we do, and where we excel," said Alexandra Singer, senior graphic designer at AdDaptive. "Every decision in this process was intentional and strategic and done with our mission and vision in mind."

While designing their new logo in-house, AdDaptive concurrently worked on a new website that would showcase this new design while also conveying their brand's narrative in a more compelling and data-driven manner. AdDaptive worked with web design agency Bop Design to produce a sleek, optimized, and organized website that conveys AdDaptive's value proposition clearly and thoroughly and provides intuitive navigation and flow.

"We're excited that our new site leads with transparent, comprehensive account-based analytics, which is a main differentiator for AdDaptive," said co-founder Patrick Shea. Co-founder Kevin O'Malley added, "Beyond the unique reporting we provide, our new site dives into how to use those insights strategically and how to ensure your campaigns are set up to yield successful results across marketing, sales, and overall business goals. We're excited for our website to walk through the customer journey step by step and hope this new layout provides a positive experience for all visitors."

AdDaptive's customer journey as laid out on the new site is cyclical, starting with audience discovery either in the form of an ABM list or custom-built firmographic segments; leading into media activation and campaign deployment either through AdDaptive's curated deals offering or through AdDaptive's accounts management team; feeding into transparent insights in various analytics reports (namely Campaign Analytics and Site Analytics).

But it doesn't stop there: AdDaptive's team then acts as strategic consultants, coaching agencies and brands on how to make analytics reports actionable. AdDaptive's team works with its customers to make effective advertising decisions by exploring the insights in previous campaigns' analytics reports and refining their target audience, KPIs, and budget in subsequent campaigns, thus feeding into the cycle for long-term success.

"Storytelling is at the heart of how we connect with our customers on a human level," Goldstone went on to say. "While we lead with our insightful analytics and technological capabilities, the way we convey the power and value of those solutions is through stories - stories about the customer, internal teams, and the market. And when stories are supported by strong design, trust among customers increases exponentially and builds a virtuous cycle with tremendous upside."

Readers can view the new website and logo at

About AdDaptive:

AdDaptive Intelligence is the leading provider of Account-Based Advertising and Analytics. Deploying display, native, video, CTV, and audio campaigns for B2B audiences, AdDaptive's proprietary technology bridges offline and online data, optimizes ad campaigns, and provides transparent B2B analytics to help clients reach the accounts that matter most. The result is the industry's most accurate and strategic B2B ABM solution. For more information, visit or follow AdDaptive on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Media Contact:
Laura Goldstone
Senior Director, Communications and Branding Strategy
AdDaptive Intelligence 


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