Grace Thornton

Grace is our weekend meteorologist, as well as a multimedia journalist. She joins us from Baltimore and has spent the majority of her life in Maryland until moving to Panama City Beach in February 2021.

Growing up in the Mid Atlantic, Grace has always been subject to a plethora of weather. Hot and humid summers, chilly and snowy winters, and even a few hurricanes in the fall sparked Grace’s interest in weather. Her family never fails to mention that she was born in the blizzard of 1996.

Graduating from Salisbury University with a degree in Geography and tracks in both Atmospheric Science and Geographic Information Systems, some highlights of her college career include her field studies courses researching the desert Southwest, as well as a 10-day storm chasing trip after graduation.

For the past two and a half years, Grace worked for Maxar Technologies as a Geospatial Analyst but was quickly promoted to an Operational Meteorologist due to her more extensive weather background. She was a part of their agricultural weather team, forecasting for commodity crops in the US and internationally. Her love of severe weather and being the go-to weather person for her friends and family urged her to move into weather broadcasting.

In her spare time Grace enjoys hanging out in the sunshine, hiking, rollerblading and painting. She loves to travel and is excited to explore all that the Florida Panhandle has to offer.

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