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How to contact sales:
WMBB abc News13 / EMBB MeTV /
Attn: George Baker, General Sales Manager
613 Harrison Avenue
Panama City, FL 32401
TEL: (850) 769-2313

Our goal is to help clients develop their businesses through creative marketing via the most powerful advertising medium ever created, broadcast television. Many small advertisers assume that television and web advertising is prohibitively expensive. WMBB, MeTV and has a wide variety of advertising and marketing programs affordable by local businesses. Our clients also have the opportunity to stretch their resources through local marketing/community projects designed to enhance their visibility in the marketplace.

WMBB, MeTV and work with advertising agencies. We are ready to help your clients develop new business and expand their customers' use of television and internet by providing research, ratings and assisting on executing promotions. We consider advertising agencies to be our marketing partners and will gladly assist start-up shops that wish to bring their clients to television and the Internet.

Our sales team designs campaigns that will reach your spot advertising goals and fulfill your complete marketing objectives through promotions, community service and event marketing. We believe that venues like these require personal interaction and stand at the forefront of the consumers' consciousness. Our goal is to not only reach the consumer but also to influence buyers to purchase your product. Let us share some of our success stories with you.

We are committed to your overall advertising needs. As an added feature, we are equipped with research information such as Rentrak and qualitative market research. We can conduct special runs that are pertinent to your company's interests.

WMBB and MeTV extends the ABC and MeTV brands to the Internet with our news and information portal, with interactive content that goes beyond TV to allow the viewer a more in-depth, personal experience.

We look forward to working with you.


Digital Advertising Opportunities Available

At WMBB and, we’re committed to providing your business creative and affordable ways to reach your targeted customers.

Through the power of the Nexstar Broadcasting Group, we have the unique tools available to promote your business in the online space. Our website, draws hundreds of thousands of viewers a month for our online content of news, weather, entertainment and sports. It’s the area’s best place to find out what’s happening in our area … online … 24 hours a day.

In addition, Nexstar has made the financial commitment to provide the resources for you to advertise anywhere on the World Wide Web. Targeted advertising, either display or video, is a tremendous way to reach potential customers.

Let us show how we will work for you to help your business grow. Contact Digital Media Manager Ken McVay today at 850-769-2313 or through email at

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