The Man Behind Graceville Basketball

GRACEVILLE, Fla - It has been quite the year for Graceville basketball, after they won the Regional Finals they became the first boys basketball team at Graceville to head to states since 1998.

But for the first year head coach of the tigers, it has really been quite the week.

"It has been a crazy week we were hoping she would stay in long enough for us to get done because we didn't want her to go into labor at the game," said Graceville Head Coach, Justin Miles.

The 'game' Coach Miles is talking about is the Regional Finals from this past Tuesday night where the Tigers beat Laurel Hill to punch their ticket to the States and the 'she' he is talking about is his now three-day-old daughter, Ella Grace.

But how did the young Graceville alum take a 15-14 team from last year and turn them into a 23-5 team with a spot in the State Semifinals?

"You got to get them to buy in and the Varsity bought in all year long anything we ask them to do they do it," said Coach Miles.

And that last name might sound familiar.

His uncle, Coach Devon Miles just lead the Holmes County girls basketball team to the final four and his sister, Jaclyn was one of the senior leaders on the team.

"That is what I told my little sister, you all just went down there so everybody down there just put it together and that will be something to talk about for years to come," said Coach Miles.

As for the Graceville team, Coach Miles said their season isn't over quite yet.

"We looked up at the banners and said three teams, two teams, we are going to be the third. I said lets not be satisfied lets stop talking about the district championship, lets go get a ring," said Coach Miles.

And on top of all of the impressive features of Coach Justin Miles, one of the most inspiring things about the 26-year-old coach is the fact that he is a four year cancer survivor.

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