Special Olympics Creates an Unbreakable Bond

BAY COUNTY - Hundreds of Bay County athletes made their way to Gavlak Stadium at Arnold High School Saturday morning for the 2017 Bay County Special Olympics track and field games.

The athletes walked, ran, threw, and jumped their way to first place finishes, regardless of what the result was at the end of the event. Each athlete was rewarded for trying their best.

Aside from the awards and ribbons, the much bigger lesson of true friendship and perseverance is evident on the track during every event.

Rutherford High athlete Justin Moses said he looks forward to the Special Olympics every year.

"It's beautiful outside, and I like to be apart of this. I've been apart of it for a long time and meeting new people and getting to know people better and letting me come in and do the best I can do," Moses said.

Special Olympics Florida hosts events across the state which gives 36,000 athletes a chance to participate.

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